Tina Callahan

Tina Callahan at the UD Newark Ag Farm DEOS station.

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my page. I am a research scientist with the Center for Environmental Monitoring & Analysis (CEMA) located within the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences in the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment located at the University of Delaware.

I primarily focus on synthesizing environmental data and resources into easy-to-use applications (or decision support systems, a.k.a DSS) for local, statewide, and regional practitioners. My tasks in doing this range from data visualization and analysis to grant development and student mentoring. Throughout many of my projects, I will often work in the capacity of data analysis, data visualization, web-mapping, and website development, however, this often will require back-end solutions including data storage and data engineering.

My research focus is on Delaware and mid-Atlantic climate with a focus on tropical storms, flooding, and local impacts. I have a strong background in Geography and GIS and spend many days coding Python and HTML/JavaScript. I love working with weather and climate data, and I’m often interested in finding spatial patterns so much that my kids say that “I’m always working on a map!”

I have lived most of my life on the Delmarva Peninsula and feel quite familiar with the diverse communities from Pocomoke, MD to Newark, DE. My exposure to the local communities on the Delmarva Peninsula have helped me understand the resilient nature of each community to the local environmental impacts such as flooding, storms, winds to how each community perseveres. With this in mind, I continue to work with colleagues to help communities share their stories and concerns so that we can collectively help each other find ways that we can adapt to our changing environment.