University courses taught:

  • Physical Climatology (undergrad/grad mix)
  • Physical Meteorology (undergrad/grad mix)
  • Atmospheric Physics and Thermodynamics (undergrad/grad mix)
  • Full of Hot Air: Understanding Climate Change
  • Advanced GIS (online)
  • Introduction to GIS
  • GIS in Natural Resource Management
  • Climate and Life
  • Meteorology
  • Computer Methods in Geography

Guest lecturer in several courses, including Meteorology, Physical Geography, Introduction to Data Analysis, Introduction to GIS, GIS in Public Policy, and GIS in Natural Resource Management.

I have also developed/taught/hosted numerous workshops lasting from an hour up to 2 days in duration on topics such as coastal hazards/flooding, climate and weather data and tools, Introduction to GIS, using GIS map services, ArcGIS and Google Maps, geospatial metadata, spatial analysis, and more.